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Travelling with Kids - Finding the Right Balance

Posted by by Susie Dent on 3/4/2014

Despite Omaha being one of the best places for families to live in the United States, annual salaries in the city are below the national average, whilst the number of families with young children under 5 is greater than the average for the US. This means that we’re working harder to provide our families with amazing vacations, so we want to make sure we all enjoy this precious time away. As you may know, traveling with kids can be quite the challenge, whether it be washing cloth diapers whilst on the go, or finding a vacation that will keep everyone, from the babies right through to the grandparents, entertained, active, and, most of all, happy. So just how do we go about finding this balance? The trick is to choose a vacation that provides the best of both worlds - plenty of kid-friendly activities to enjoy time together as a family, and a healthy amount of adult-centric environments for your own well-being.

Family-Friendly Sea Travel

Once upon a time, cruise vacations had a reputation of being exclusively for the ‘newlywed and nearly dead’, but sea travel has evolved in recent years to become a much more family-friendly way to see the world. Increasing numbers of families, including those with young children, are now opting for cruises. The question is - just why has cruising become so appealing to families? It all comes down to a healthy balance. There are many family-friendly cruise lines operating from North America, including Royal Caribbean and the Disney Cruise Line, which cater equally to adults and children. Adults can enjoy what Iglu Cruise describe as the ‘tranquil, serene, calm’ environment, while the little ones can join on board youth clubs, enjoying ‘interactive entertainment experiences for younger children’. Many modern ships boast on board nurseries which allow mom and dad a welcome break, allowing them to enjoy some quality time together, knowing the kids are in safe hands.

If you’ve never cruised before, you may be surprised at just how much there is on board for both adults and kids. Taking a look at Royal Caribbean’s brand new Quantum of the Seas, due to set sail from New York towards the end of the year, we are practically overwhelmed with choice. For kids, the vessel features the largest activity complex at sea - SeaPlex - complete with retro games and sports such as rollerskating and dodgems - think a floating Coney Island! For adults, there are luxurious spa facilities, casinos, and opulent adult-only solarium's. The Royal Babies and Tots Nursery is the perfect place for kids to enjoy the fun of sea travel, with mom and dad experience the grandeur of such a sophisticated and classic vacation.

Luxurious Resorts

Sea travel not your thing? No problem! If you prefer to keep your feet well and truly on dry land, there is a never ending choice of family-friendly resorts all around the world. Heading abroad, many beachfront properties offer kids’ club, nurseries, and an all-inclusive atmosphere for mom and dad to relax in, though if you’d rather stay a little closer to home, there are a number of nature-centric resorts in beautiful Nebraska that allow the kids to run wild, keeping them fit, healthy, and making sure they sleep well at night, along with restaurants, activities, and hiking trails designed for adults who simply love the great outdoors. The Pine Valley Resort in Long Pine, for example, offers something for everyone, and is also a great educational experience for kids, having the opportunity to learn all about different types of wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Take Care of Them - And You!

It can be very difficult to find the right vacation balance with kids. It can be so easy to simply opt for a vacation that suits the kids, but not so much mom and dad, and if we had all the free time and all the money in the world, we probably would. However, time and money are precious, and it’s important we make sure we’re not overlooked when it comes to vacation planning. Thinking outside the box a little in terms of vacation choices - such as cruising or booking a cabin out in the woods rather than taking long road trips or uncomfortable flights - can ensure everyone in the family has a vacation to remember.
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