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Kukui Nut Oil

Posted by Andrea Foley on 5/28/2011
I discovered Kukui Nut Oil (KNO) almost 2 years ago at my local farmer's market. At the time my 4-mo-old had the WORST cradle cap and I had tried everything to heal it. The woman selling the KNO told me about its amazing benefits for dry skin and psoriasis and she thought it would work well for his cradle cap. So we paid $8 for a little 1oz spray bottle. After just 2 days of applying the oil and scrapping off the scab-like skin that is cradle cap, it was gone and never came back!! I was immediately a fan. I had found something that would naturally heal him and it worked fast! Being the experimenter that I am, I did not stop there. Every time my son was teething he would get a horrible blistery rash. Normally it was last about a week and a half until the tooth popped through and it would go away. Well, since I had at least 80% of the bottle left, I decided to try it on my son's most delicate area. Would you believe it did the exact same thing! In less then 2 days my son's bottom was completely clear and healed, and it did not effect his cloth diapers either! This opened KNO up to me as my go-to spray for everything. The label said it was good for sunburns, so we used it on my husband's first sunburn and it quickly turned from red to brown with NO peeling. We also used it on my son's eczema patches and they disappeared, never to return. Over the winter when his little cheeks were chapped, KNO came to the rescue! I ran out and went back to the farmer's market and the lady was gone! So I did the research and made it myself. We now carry it at the store and call it Baby Junk Healing Oil. I am truly in love with this stuff and as a parent, could not live without it!
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 Kukui Nut Oil

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