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Gert back to your pre-pregnancy body or BETTER!

Posted by Andrea/Admin on 10/4/2014
Without being too dramatic I have to admit that Dr. Mark Hyman, my husband and my own determination have completely changed my life in the last 5 months and I never knew food could have such a dramatic effect on my body. If you are struggling with weight-loss and want to take it very seriously without killing yourself in the my story!
I have always been fit and athletic my whole life. I was a State hurdler in track, a volleyball player and the captain of both my high school and college dance teams. I can weight train with the best of them and kick butt at group fitness classes. So I NEVER thought I would be 32 and miserably unhappy with my body. But from the day I got pregnant with my son in 2009, it all went downhill.
I didn't stop exercising and I didn't feel like I went overboard with my eating during pregnancy, however I gained almost 60lbs with Xander! It didn't "fall off" like everyone said and he was breastfed for 10 mo and that didn't seem to shrink me down either. For a moment in time, about 4 mo postpartum, I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but then it started going back up. I stayed around 10lbs overweight for a few years. Worked out, ate the way I always had and just couldn't shake it.
Then over the next year we sold our house, moved our family to a new state, opened a new business and bought a new house. I wasn't focusing on my body or my diet so up crept another 10lbs. When I got pregnant with my daughter at the end of 2011 I was 24lbs heavier than I was in '09. I was "all baby" with her and gained the normal 35lbs during pregnancy and after I did drop back to my same weight within just a few months. BUT THAT WAS 24LBS OVERWEIGHT!!!
I have had a terrible body image since having Xander, but it was really starting to depress me. I felt like no matter how much I went to the gym or tracked my food nothing happened. One day I was looking in the mirror and I leaned forward and could hold probably 15lbs of belly fat in my hands. I was so disgusted that I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I knew this was the worst fat you can have on your body and the rest of me just looked puffy.
Within a few days of that depressing realization, I received an email about a book called the "10-day Detox Diet." Now traditional detoxes get a bad name, but when I read the brief description of this book, I realized that it was a detox from sugar. Not some crazy all-liquid or deprivation-type detox. Which is what I needed! I love food, so those types of detoxes just wouldn't cut it for me. I downloaded the e-book onto my IPad (which I recommend for cooking purposes) and I started reading that night.
It takes about a week to read the book and prepare for this detox. It can also be expensive depending on how toxic your lifestyle is. You have to buy supplements and healthy food (some of which I had never heard of like Tamari).
I didn't follow the meal plan exactly. I just followed his advice and kept it simple. I wrote a list of all the veggies I could eat (that I also liked). We tried about 10 of the recipes and some of them were amazing. But with 2 kids and 2 businesses to run the prep-time was just unrealistic for us for most of them.
We did the whole-food shake every morning (but substituted strawberries for cranberries), the specific nuts as the snacks (and would frequently eat more than recommended:)), veggies and or salad with chicken or turkey for lunch and diner. I typically would do a cold meal for lunch like a salad with oil and vinegar and a warm meal for diner. The Stir-fry veggie recipe in the book is amazing!!
Before the detox I was sharing a pot of coffee with my hubby every morning, I would eat what I thought was healthy all day, usually have a pop or two and after diner every night I craved sweets. I also thought gluten-free was a silly diet fad and that it was impossible to eat dairy-free because I had tried that before when I was nursing and it was impossible. I was also a huge fan of Ranch and hated salads, so I was pretty nervous about this. WOW, how different my views are now!
After the 10 days I had lost 8lbs and 2in off my waist. It was such a good start and I was feeling so good physically. I knew it would have taken months of hard exercise to lose 8lbs, so that was very encouraging. My husband hated doing it, but he detoxed with me because he knew how important it was to me. It took about 8 of the 10 days before he stopped being grumpy :) He also lost 8lbs, when neither of us thought he had much to lose.
We continued on the foundation of the diet but slowly added back in some corn, gluten-free grains like quinoa, low-glycemic fruits and the evil diet pop from time-t- time (although I avoided that for a few months). I started the detox on April 28th, 2014 and just 5 months later I hit my goal of 24lbs! I hit plateaus here-and-there, but I just kept to this way of eating and kept positive and it kept melting off. Come to find out that our bodies LOVE whole food and hate gluten, sugar and dairy. I couldn't have dreamed I would reach my goal in such a short amount of time. I still have some inches to lose around my waist, but I am wearing a size smaller pants than I EVER have and I feel amazing. Oh and my husband who didn't think he needed to lose weight is now 18lbs lighter (smaller then he has ever been) and feels great too. The scariest thing; he lost over an inch around his neck! That is a bad place to store fat and we didn't even realize he had fat there.

It is only for 10 days. So what do you have to lose? Just sacrifice 10 days of doing what you always do in order to possibly lose 8lbs like I did (or more)! It is not easy; it is a detox from sugar. Read the whole book. You journal, take baths, take your measurements and get an amazing education on why we can't help but eat terrible in America. If this post can encourage just one of you to take your body back, it was worth writing.
Here is a link to the site:
Here is a link to the e-book:
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