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Diaper Stripping/Prepping

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Diaper Stripping/Prepping
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If your diapers have been exposed to yeast, it is recommended that we bleach them
Yes, use bleach (Highly Recommended if you have stains/stink)
No, do not use bleach
Delivery & Pick up Options
Out-of-State: I will ship you my diapers
Drop-Off by Noon on Monday for pick up after Noon on Wednesday
Drop-Off by Noon on Wednesday for pick up after Noon on Friday
Pick up my diapers on Monday & re-deliver in a week. I will have my diapers in a bag/tote outside by 7am on Monday
Drop-Off at Baby Junk for pick-up one week later
Click on the ? to view the terms of this agreement I have read and agree to the contract and terms of the diaper stripping service
Exhibit A: Inventory Form I understand that I will receive a link to Exhibit A in my ORDER CONFIRMATION email that MUST be filled out and included with my diapers
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We will completely strip your diapers of all residues that may be causing smells, low absorbency or some stains.Your diapers will look great and more importantly, work and smell great again!

See the video below for an example of someone's diapers after we had already ran 8 rinses and see how much soap still pours out of them! We continue this process until no extra suds remain...

How Does this Work?!?

We have 4 "delivery" options.
  1. Ship your diapers to us at 10915 Prairie Brook Rd Omaha, NE 68144 and as soon as they are done we will ship them back. Usually about a 1 week turn time.
  2. Drop your diapers off at Diaper DuDee. Located in the South West Basement of the Candlewood Centre at 1736 N 120th St. This is a ONE-WAY drive between Rookies & the dumpster, so be prepared to back out!! This is only a 2 day turn-around time!!
  3. Have us pick them up on Monday and re-deliver them the following Monday. (Currently Omaha/Council Bluffs ONLY)
  4. If you bring your diapers to Baby Junk, the turn around time is 1 week vs. 2 days if you take them to Diaper DuDee!
Please type in your amount of diapers to be prepped/stripped in the QTY section. If you have LESS than 25 diapers, you MUST type in 25 because this is our minimum. So for prepping the cost will be $12.50 and for stripping it is $25.

Count your diapers based on this:
One Diaper = 3 pieces or an AIO/Fitted
  • Examples:
    • One pocket shell and 2 inserts
    • 3 Prefolds
    • 3 wipes
    • 3 Pocket Shells
    • 1 pocket shell, a prefold and a hemp insert
    • 3 random inserts
    • One AIO or fitted by itself: This is the only exception to the 3 piece rule
  • If you have ANY diapers where the PUL (waterproof lamination fabric) is pulling away, we will not strip them. If they are turned in, and get washed, they will be ruined.
  • Do NOT turn in covers to be stripped as they don't hold smells or need to be absorbent. So there is no need to expose them to unnecessary chemicals.

If you do not agree to the terms of service, or fill out Exhibit A we will not perform the diaper stripping for you and will return your diapers and refund your money less the cost of delivery/shipping

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