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Cloth Diaper Education
We have made the process easy for you to navigate with 5 Major considerations for using cloth diapers.

Decision #1: The Newborn Stage
Decision #2: Laundry
Decision #3: Accessories
Decision #4: Cloth Wipes too?
Decision #5: Your stash; cloth diapering for the long haul

Use this guide if...
  • You are brand new to cloth diapering and want to learn
  • You want to create your gift registry and need to decide what you want
  • You are ready to order diapers and accessories
  • You are curious about starting cloth diapers and your baby is older (skip Decision #1; look into our Cloth Trial)

Of course, you can always come to our next cloth class if you live in the Omaha area! Just check out our Events tab here or to see ALL our events, check out our Facebook Events.

Newborn Diapering
Laundering Correctly
Diaper Accessories
Using Cloth Wipes
Your Diaper Stash